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Jim's Retirement Party
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Houston Chronicle
November 11, 1961 - February 27, 1994
The pictures below are of my family and some of my friends at my retirement party at the Chronicle, March 4, 1994



My retirement party was held on the 3rd floor conference room at the Chronicle. It was both a happy day  and a sad one for me. Happy because I was really ready to leave. And sad because I was leaving alot of good friends that I had worked with , not only here in Houston but at other papers also. Standing at table are Stacy, my wife Dorothy, Amy and myself. Everyone had a good time, with a lot of short speeches made, and plenty of good food and drink.


Standing L-R. Mrs. Nell Drumond, Dorothy and Mrs. Lou Gaerthner. Nell and Lou are close friends who attended my party.


My big cake at the party. It was very good,
I went back for seconds.


These are some of my closest friends that I worked here with for 33 Years. Front Row. L-R. Sonny Wagner, Myself, Toby Abshire, and Marion Powell.
Standing  in back. L-R Ed Volotko (Ed passed away in 2009. A good friend) and Fred Novak. (Fred passed away on April 28, 2001.) I had worked with Fred on the Oklahoman and Times in Oklahoma City, Okla in 1956.
Marion Powell and I worked in the pressroom at the Miami Herald and Miami News, Miami, Florida.


At home after the party. Stacy, Jim and Amy. I've been blessed with a wonderful wife and daughters.



Jim and Dan West - Pressroom Foreman. Dan came to the Chronicle from the San Antonio Light in the early 80's.  A good pressman.  A good friend.