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Jim's Work Friends
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USMC - Parris Island, SC - 1945
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Here are some pictures of  a few friends, and some of the shops that I have worked in over the years. (shops: layman terms for newspaper pressrooms)

Shawnee News-Star - 1944 - 1956
 (Shawnee, Oklahoma)           
Daily Oklahoman & Times - 1956 - 1958
(Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
Miami Herald / News - 1958 - 1961
(Miami, Florida)
Houston Chronicle / Post - 1961 - 1994
(Houston, Texas)


Below: Miami Herald - F Press (Blue Room) L-R George Morgan, Bud Dees, Joe Crow, Bob Varable (IC)


Below: Miami Herald - Aug, 1961. On our way to Akron, Ohio. Bill Connley. Roland "Kelly" Kellenburger,. Kelly retired from the Pekin Daily Times, in Illinois, but worked for the Peoria Journal Star before going to the Herald in Miami, Fla.


Below: Miami Herald - L-R Cledus Hausefield, Beall, Bill Gibbs, Don Gorday, Jim .


Below: Houston Chronicle - #5 Press Fred Novak & R.C. Alford. '62.


Below: Houston Chronicle - F Press, Jim waiting for press run change over. (Goss Metroliner - Off - Set.) 1992.


Below: Houston Chronicle - Don Shaw and Delma Brantner. '61. Delma passed away July 10, 2006. A friend and a good person.


Below: Miami Herald - G Press (Blue Room) Reel Room. Jim & Chas. Lerner. Charlie and brother C.W. had worked in the pressroom at the New York Times before coming to the Hearld.    


Below: Miami Herald - G Press Folder (Blue Room) Herb Devine. Herb and wife Marry are living in Half Moon Bay, Calif. Herb retired from the San Francisco Chronicle in 1986.


Below: Miami Herald - "Informative picket line" at Akron Beacon Journal. Akron, Ohio (Aug, 1961.) Marion Powell & John McGrath.


Below: Houston Chronicle - R.C. Alford. #5 Press (Old Pressroom-Goss Headliner Units) '62.


Below: Houston Chronicle - #5 Press  Floyd Edmondson, Gerald Underwood, & Herb Devine. '61


Below: Our Off-set press crew received special jackets for quality craftmanship in the Pressroom. (front row, from left) press operators Alvin Callis, Mark Golden, Jimmy Wallace, Jim, Larry Platt and (back row, from left) Mike Wilson, Mike Cortez and lead operator Marion Powell. (1994)


Below: Miami Herald - Carpenter's Hall, (Strike Headquarters.) L-R Curt Hamblin, Henry Greathouse. Ed Leftwich, Ira Levy, Stan Wagner.


Below: Miami Herald - (Mailing Room) Ed "Lefty" Leftwich & Bill Eason. Ed lives in Allen Park, Michigan now. He retired from the Detroit Free Press in 1989.


Below: Houston Chronicle - #5 Press, Toby Abshire. "Ole Tobe" Plating Up. '62.


Houston Chronicle - The two pictures below: Top, Chronicle in 1961. The bottom: As it looks today (Nov/02). At Texas & Travis, the building covers one large city square block.