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USMC - Parris Island, SC - 1945
USMC - China Duty - 1946
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Welcome To Jim's Hideaway





 "Ole" Jim: Welcome to my Hideaway everyone! I realize my web page will be of no interest to many, but I just wanted to do it. My wife, Dorothy, and I have been married  57 years. We have two daughters, Amy & Stacy. Amy is married to Mr. Brian and they live here in Houston. Stacy is married to Mr. Richard, they live in Dallas, Texas.
I was a newspaper pressman for 47 years (web-letter-off-set) and  member of the International Printing Pressmen And Assistants Of North America (GCUI.) I retired in 1994 from the Houston Chronicle. I have worked for a few newspapers: The News-Star, Shawnee, Okla,  The Oklahoman & Times, Oklahoma City, Okla, The Miami Herald and Miami News and the Miami Beach Journal, Miami, Fla.- The Houston Post and Houston Chronicle, Houston, Texas.
My brother, Jerry, and I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 1945, got our boot at Parris Island, SC. Stationed in north China in Tientsin and Peiping, China. (1946). We were recalled and were with Easy Co. 2nd Bn. 1st Regiment. 1st Marine Division in Korea. (1951). There are a few pages on this also.
 (Jerry passed away on August 11, 2009 in River Falls, Alabama. I sure do miss him.)

Jerry and his little dog Buttons. 1980's



The picture above is the back of our home, our deck. Thats our little Henry, looking around. (6/8/03)

Picture below:
Our Henry. Henry is a Lhasa Opsos. Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He is fifteen years old. Hen is much loved by entire family.



This is my wife Dorothy. She is a native Houstonian. The family later moved to Shawnee, Okla. She worked in advertising at the News-Star there.. We were married in Shawnee in 1953. She has many hobbies, three of which are, gardening, decorating and cooking.


This is Amy, my oldest daughter. Born here in Houston, she graduated from Bellaire High School, and in 1991 received her degree from theUniversity Of Oklahoma. She is the Operations Manager in the Department of Experimental Therapeutics at MD Anderson Cancer Center here in Houston, Texas.


This is my youngest daughter Stacy. She graduated from Bellaire High School 1989. Got her degree from The University of Oklahoma in 1995. Stacy is with the accounting firm Whitley-Penn LLP in Dallas, Texas. She is a devout Texas Ranger baseball fan, and does'nt miss many home games.


Sooner Quarterbacks 1950 to present

Sooner All Americans 1913-2007

Sooner Players-Past & Present

Below: The Sooner  Schooner

The Sooner Schooner and Ruf/Neks Circle The Field After All OU Touchdowns


Below: "The Seventh Flag Over Texas"




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